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Blood Orange + Fennel Salad

Blood orange + fennel salad


Very close up photo from last night's blood orange + fennel salad -  here’s the recipe, it’s a delicious winter accompaniment served alongside a piece of pan fried fish + steamed chat potatoes.

Recipe from @karenmartini - I added some watercress + other salad leaves that were desperate to be picked from the garden.


Serves 4

6 blood oranges, chilled

2 red shallots, finely diced

4 sprigs oregano, leaves picked

10 marinated, semi-dried black olives

salt flakes

freshly ground black pepper

1 large fennel bulb

100ml fruity extra-virgin olive oil


Remove pith + skin from the oranges. Slice the flesh into 5mm rounds, then arrange on a serving plate. 

Scatter the shallot over the orange, followed by the oregano.

Pit the olives by hand, tearing the flesh + scattering over the salad. Season the salad with salt + pepper.

Slice the fennel very finely (a japanese mandolin is ideal), then pile into little mounds on top of the orange. Season again with salt + pepper, drizzle with oil + serve.

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