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Deluxe Bread and Butter Pudding.jpg

Deluxe Bread +

Butter Pudding

This bread + butter pudding is next level. All thanks to the deluxe panettone a friend gave me (from Simon Johnson, a-mazing!)

This was easily enough for 8

I roughly broke up/sliced + buttered both sides of 1kg Panettone (a good quality one) - I ate a lot of the bread while I was buttering - so the quantity of bread is a bit loose here…! Combine + whisk together 5 eggs, 300ml pouring cream, 300ml milk, the seeds from a vanilla pod + 1/4 cup of castor sugar. 

Then I lightly greased a lasagne sized (about 40cm) ovenproof dish + I smothered the base with homemade apricot jam (but any will do). Then I placed the slices of panettone on top. 

Next up - I poured over the milk mixture, gently pressed down the bread, covered with cling wrap  + set aside for about half an hour for the bread to absorb. Finally - I lightly sprinkled over some white sugar. Placed into a 180c oven until golden - around 35 -40 minutes. Sure not to disappoint - serve it with pouring cream + ice cream - enjoy!

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