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Hot Smoked Salmon Crostini

Hot Smoked Salmon Crostini

Firstly, this recipe calls for hot smoked Tasmanian salmon - the smoke really lifts the flavour. Combine sour cream + creme fraiche (about half, half) add some lemon juice, salt, pepper + some good quality horseradish - you can make it as strong or mild as you like. 

Slice a baguette thinly + spray with olive oil.

If you have time + can be bothered, chargrilling will give a crisp edge + soft centre - or (especially if you are making a lot) - place on an oven tray for about 10 minutes until golden at 180c FF. These can be kept (airtight) for a day or two.

Dill! Don't forget the dill when assembling each crostini. 

These little delights enjoy being served with a peach bellini - Do not wait till Friday

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